We Made It

We Made It

And 2012 is gone. Just like that. The days pass quickly when you live in clouds and dance around clocks. I can’t remember thinking this last year, but that’s probably due to the rapidity at which I move from thought to thought. There’s a drone in my head that helps blind me from actuality. Which is nice.

Another nice device: we lived through the end of the world! But what a fuss. It’s intriguing to think about the end… when it’s coming, where it’s coming from. What kind of mayhem will ensue. Hopefully it will come in a long, long while, but for all we know it could be just around the corner. So that’s a bit frightening. Speaking of fright, on my trip home from Europe, in my sleepless state of delirium, I wrote a bit about fear:

I am a mountain. I am agile, resilient, fierce. I am a weapon against myself, ever fighting my fear. Fear. Owning, birthing doubt, hate, sadness, time, confines. Earning its’ place in darkness - a something inevitable, intangible, limitless. An ocean of blackness. An invisible road. A mere thought. Like everything, stemming from nothing - from a place dreamt. A timeless dream, pursuing the unconscious, the unfathomable. Fighting joy and priorities and memories and love. Fighting breath, a dying burden… but passing, fleeting, fear.

Here is a video that I put together of my trip to Chile this year with the team: https://vimeo.com/55709546